This year’s Winter Fetish Fair Fleamarket ( FFF #36 )

I had a fucking fantastic time at this year’s Flea in Providence. It was the first I’d been to in over a year – I was off in Las Vegas at this time last year. I saw so many of my friends there and My devoted pet took Me shopping and bought Me EVERYTHING I wanted. Some items that have been on My list for quite some time. An amazingly beautiful leather corset. Some fucking POLYMORPHE LATEX – a red and black long skirt that looks like it was made just for Me – spotted that from across the room and it drew us in like a magnet!! And also a sexy waist cincher. For some odd reason, I’ve lacked a waist cincher in My extremely large collection of clothing. I am glad that problem has been remedied. I’ve also been wanting a very nice, plain black corset for some time, because it will be appropriate for ANY occassion. =) And the latex is fucking amazing. Also picked up a nice little stinging whip to replace the little wire-type cane that I loved so much. It inflicts oh so much pain! It also makes such a satisfying little whipping sound as it slices through the air and onto My slave’s skin. hahaha. 😀 I amused Myself in the merchant hallways of the hotel by whipping him with it quite a bit. There were many amused onlookers as well.
I drew lots of attention and I could tell that many were envious of My pet, who was being dragged around in a leash and posture collar. And they should be! Such an honor does not come easily. But My slave has been especially obedient lately, and becoming more so every day. I do believe I have trained him rather well. 🙂 He cooks, cleans, researches, makes phone calls and takes away lots of the stress I deal with in day to day life. He even refinanced his home so that he could be able to keep providing for Me every month! you stupid wanking little wannabe pigsluts should take some fucking notes. This is the type of thing a GOOD minion will do for his Queen! So many of you will approach with absolutely nothing to offer – My slave does everything for Me, ANYTHING My heart desires, including home improvements, driving Me on far away adventures, learning photography to capture photos of My outings… even drive THREE HOURS to escort Me to a metal show in the middle of the night after My friend’s car broke down on the side of the road, 40 minutes from NYC… and then waited outside for an hour while we enjoyed the show, and drove us all the way back to MA afterwards!! THAT’S DEVOTION. There’s a lot more on the growing list, but anyway… not to get too far off on a tangent…

I also had an amazing time on the catwalk, modeling in the annual fashion show, wearing a hot latex and metal outfit by Vengeance. There’s nothing quite like soaking up the adulation of hundreds of people screaming for you. I brought My badass metal stylings to the runway that night, something I’m quite sure no other fashion model has yet done. (I’m sure I’ll be copied now, haha) But I doubt any of them have My METAL SCREAM. I got that room screaming nice and loud with Me before I triumphantly marched off the stage.

The rest of the show was amazing as well. There are so many great designers, I loved the chainmail stuff!! I hope to model for that next year! There were chainmail wings!! ahhhHHH 😀

so yes. lovely beautiful times. I had fun there with My beloved Morte as well.

I’m looking forward to the next one, later this year. Perhaps one of you will take Me shopping next time? ;P

Maybe I’ll post some pictures if I have the time soon… My new attire certainly deserves to be shared and appreciated… ^.^

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