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As you boys know, I always escape the cold horrible winter of New England each year, for varying lengths of time…
This year, I travel for the first time to Puerto Rico!! I am hella excited … it’s going to be so beautiful. I so much miss lounging at the beach and feeling the warmth on My skin. All it’s been doing in Boston is SNOWING and SNOWING and there are sheets of ice everywhere – it’s a wonder I haven’t gotten injured yet, although I usually take a spill at least once a year. Fuck that shit. I need some chillaxiiiiiiin! The photo above is from an island called Culebra… that’s where I’ll be staying for half of My visit! It’s a remote little island that’s somewhat secluded… I can hardly fucking wait! My brain and body are in some serious need of decompression.

So, I’ve been away from My email for a little while, and I will continue to be so for a little while longer. I do apologize to those of you who have contacted Me recently (I hope you’re reading this) and haven’t gotten a response. I will be back and available for sessions again towards the end of March. I’d also like to remind newcomers that I do not session with strangers off the street. If you’re a new submissive, be prepared to prove yourself to Me (phone calls via NF, initial tributes/gifts, showing up to one of My events, etc) before I allow you such an honor. Either that, or wait until April for the next FOOT NIGHT. =) I believe it’s on April 26th or thereabouts. Footnights are one of the only opportunities you’ll have to meet Me so I highly suggest you visit www.footnight.com and look into registering if you’re serious about wanting to serve Me.

Anyway, catch you toys next month… hahahaha. *Holds up an L shape in her hand* PEACE!

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