Greetings, subjects

I write this from the peaceful coast of Maine, while I am away for a few days, courtesy of My beloved Minion Alfred who is always seeking ways in which I may enjoy Myself when I’m not working. It’s been a busy summer already, starting off with Fetish Factory’s Memorial Weekend party in Florida. I … [Read more…]

hello dweebs

  I’ve got a couple of photos to add along with this post, (update – just added one from My PC…) unfortunately, one of the many issues with the iPad I was gifted (thanks minion Alfred) is that it cannot handle some websites, or aspects of some websites. This sadly includes the photo uploading area … [Read more…]

Do it :)

A simple task – I want to be seen higher up on this site! So… simply Click this link (And hit “enter” on the page for it to count) !  Boom!  My wish is your command! 😉     After that’s done you can simply close the page.   If you come back and visit … [Read more…]