you WILL VISIT THIS PAGE DAILY AND FOLLOW MY COMMANDS, if you desire to please Mistress!

First and foremost –

Simple FREE slave tasks:

“Like” My Facebook fan page – All you have to do is be logged in to FB and click on the Like button and that’s it!  Then you’ll be able to see My updates

Don’t have a Facebook account?  Fuckin make one! It’s easy – takes only a few minutes.  And then you can exit out and never look at it again if you don’t want… but then you’ll be missing out on more messages and amazing photos from Me…


VISIT MY BAND’S SITE AND LISTEN TO THE MUSIC – – Register on this site and become a “fan”.  Play the songs every week; they should be your mantra.  The more fans I have, the higher in rank I will remain on the charts. If you intend on serving Me you will be familiar with My work as a musician – if you are not I will consider this highly disrespectful and think very poorly of you.


VOTE For My site EACH time you visit – click here to visit the links page

minions will be expected to complete these voting tasks daily, and the one below, if you can’t afford to support your Goddess financially, yet. (better work on that, loser!  only GOOD pay piggies enjoy MY favor)

Click My vote links:

a respectful slave WILL NOT visit My website without doing so. This helps keep My traffic flowing so that My army may continue to grow. SIMPLY CLICK THE LINKS TO CAST A VOTE. Very easy. Open a new tab when you do it, that makes things much easier.


……..I share My life with you!  The very least you can do is THANK ME for it by leaving comment replies on My postings.

always check this page for updates after you are done voting.  I will be assigning new tasks periodically, and you should be checking them on your own without reminder from Me.



If you’re a cheapass, broke, pathetic, or just jobless loser who claims NOT to be able to properly tribute, I expect you to at least click some fuckin’ sponser links you see from Adbrite – it’s the VERY least you could do to thank Me for everything I’ve given you on this website.  **I CHECK THIS REGULARLY, so dont’ be a slacker! IF YOU ARE NOT FINANCIALLY CONTRIBUTING YOU ARE EXPECTED TO CLICK ON SOME FUCKING LINKS JACKASS**

– find ways of promoting Me

If you see link lists, or participate in forum discussions, make sure that you post My link for other little piggies to find.  Don’t think about this, just DO IT!  Go out and find new places to pimp My site.  Do it now ~ Share My work with the world, on your favorite forums.  Link to My blog and My facebook page:


Goddess Princess Queen Lilith Empress Lillith