A Pleasant Day in the Life of a Goddess

To celebrate the end of a lot of hard work and stress (studying for a rigorous school program which is finally nearing its end!), and to offset the sadness of having to cut off my dreads (entering a new job field) today, Thursday, was a day of full-on pampering, from start to finish.

My day began with a late rising around 11am.  I took a nice,  unrushed, hot shower and enjoyed every minute of it.  I spent the rest of My time leisurely around the house, drinking mint iced green tea.  At 12:45, My cheuffer (bitchboy J) arrived, and took Me to My first appointment of the day, a 60-minute Hot Stone massage, which I enjoyed very much.  It soothed My aching muscles, especially My legs which have been very sore from all of My non-stop adventures lately.  During the massage, I sent My bitch back to My house to mop the floors and clean the bathroom.  hahaha.
After My massage, I decided to browse through a Halloween party store in the same plaza, taking My sweet time and picking out a few cute decorations as well as a couple of small Bday gifts for My girl friend.  Then I ate a nice healthy lunch with bitch boy J after his return, which consisted of salad, brown rice, and steamed broccoli.  Super healthy!

And then I went to get pampered some more, by getting some new eyelash extensions.  I love the way these accentuate My beautiful eyes without having to wear any makeup at all.  My eyelashes are SUPER full and long now and I keep looking in the mirror to check out how awesome they look.

Last stop of the day after that, was a 1-hour Reiki treatment for Me to further relax and mentally ground Myself, which was quite refreshing.

Now I am home and relaxing in My nice soft pj’s, getting ready for bed.

A splendid day that was provided entirely by My pets.  SLAVID made all of these appointments for Me, without My having to lift a finger or open My wallet.  The entire spa day was paid for by him.  What a good minion hmm??

Tomorrow night is the Boston Floating Fetish Ball, which should be lots of devious fun.  I believe I’ll be wearing latex from VENGEANCE Designs all evening.

It shall be EPIC!!   \m/

I have been so extremely busy this month that I have had NO time for any sessions – some of you have been waiting patiently for some time now, and I do want to let you know that I should begin to have more free time once October hits.  Now that I’m relieved of this hectic school schedule,  I’ll have much more free time soon.

Until next time…

Goddess Lilith

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