Goddess Lilith Domme

The Goddess Lilith

Goddess Lilith is an alternative lifestyle coach, psychodramatist, and performer in fetish films who appears at alternative lifestyle events all around the world.

A Global Goddess, She is available for hire in private sessions, lessons,  photo/video shoots, fashion shows, and lifestyle events/conventions.

Words from the Goddess:

I know what I want and I do what it takes to get it.  I am a powerful, driven, Scorpio Woman who works hard and expects nothing less from Her minions!

I cannot stand unintelligent people, and have very little patience for stupidity.

I am often quite nice to those who deserve it,  but angered easily and not afraid to unleash My anger upon one who has caused it.

I treat My trusted minions well and with more attention than they really deserve.  But, I am not the cold, cruel Mistress who will not pay Her minions any mind whatsoever.

I take great pleasure in the misery of others, especially when knowing I am the one who caused it.

I dislike having to repeat Myself.

Like any Goddess, My lifestyle is one of luxury and comfort.  It is made that way by My own hard work, along with the support of My devoted minions (or, simply the drooling men who buy My pics and videos).   This is the way it should be – your purpose is to make ME HAPPY.   you will do this by making MY life easier by happily forking over your cash – we both know it’s best spent on Me anyway!

I am an extremely busy and incredibly awesome GODDESS – if you complain because you’re not getting any attention from Me, it’s because you haven’t earned it – I simply do not have time or desire to speak to you until you prove yourself worthy of My precious time.   you need to first lay your offering at My beautiful, perfect feet… prove yourself to Me, slave.

I am often featured and in attendance of many New England fetish events and parties – if you want to know further details, just ask.   I often prefer to meet potential new servants at such public events, however do not just assume that you are worthy before speaking with Me.

To serve Me, you must prove that you are capable of handling simple orders and financial duties.  Do not even think about contacting Me without being prepared to show proof of both.


Goddess Lilith feet