Screening Process change

Goddamn do I fucking hate dealing with some (MOST) of you sniveling, drooling, STUPID fuckin subs. Every day My inbox is full of total and utter bullshit. Sifting through this said bullshit makes Me REAL uninterested in giving any of you potentially decent slaves a chance. I am no longer setting up realtime appointments until … [Read more…]

Valentine’s Day

Hey dweebs, your Goddess has been busy taking over the world, as usual. ¬†^.^ I just want to REMIND you that Valentine’s Day is coming up very soon!! ¬†so you’d better start going over My Wishlist and seeing what you want to get Me! ¬†(Here’s a hint, I want the white and black Jeffrey Campbell … [Read more…]


Who’s got Paypal, and wants to make Me REALLY happy for short money? ¬†If you slacked on My Birthday or Xmas gift giving… ¬†this is the perfect chance to make it up to Me… ¬†Email Me if you’re interested =) ¬† But do it quick if you want to be the one who makes Me … [Read more…]