yay Vacation :)

Getting out of New England for awhile was the best thing I could have done in February!! This winter has been just such a depressing pain in the ass.  Between the constant “state of emergency” declarations, driving bans, event cancellations, and client cancellations, it was a miserable and costly month.  So, I did what any … [Read more…]


Hello boys ^.^ I hope the summer is treating you well – Mine is! I am writing with a new TASK for you to complete – this is important to Me, and therefore should be important to you. It only takes about 10 seconds to complete this task. Nice and easy. PLUS you get to … [Read more…]

meow ^.^

hey dweebs!  don’t worry, just cuz I haven’t updated My blog in awhile doesn’t mean I’ve disappeared.  It simply means I’m too busy for the humdrum responsibilities of having a web presence sometimes. ;P The select few in My personal loop get to speak with Me on a regular basis, but the rest of you … [Read more…]

Goddess Lilith in LATEX!

Hello minions ^.^ I hope you’ve been groveling like good little pets. I was pleased by quite a few of you this year with your spoiling efforts for My Birthday last week. 🙂 (For those who were slacking, and you know who you are, you have a chance to redeem your lowly selves in December..) … [Read more…]