Screening Process change

Goddamn do I fucking hate dealing with some (MOST) of you sniveling, drooling, STUPID fuckin subs. Every day My inbox is full of total and utter bullshit. Sifting through this said bullshit makes Me REAL uninterested in giving any of you potentially decent slaves a chance. I am no longer setting up realtime appointments until … [Read more…]

what’s up losers

can you tell I’m bored with you? haha. I suppose I should throw an update in here though, so you piggies know I’m still here. I’m just far too busy with My epic life to care about sniveling little puppies like you. Some of you have a few brain cells and follow My activity on … [Read more…]

Tampa FetCon!!

I’m here in Tampa for FETCON for the next several days! So psyched. Weather is beautiful, sun is shining, and I’m ready to get My kink on. I am taking private foot worship and trampling sessions while in Tampa, so if you are interested in this, contact Me immediately at: sadistic.princess.xx@gmail (dot com)!!