Screening Process change

Goddamn do I fucking hate dealing with some (MOST) of you sniveling, drooling, STUPID fuckin subs. Every day My inbox is full of total and utter bullshit. Sifting through this said bullshit makes Me REAL uninterested in giving any of you potentially decent slaves a chance. I am no longer setting up realtime appointments until … [Read more…]


It’s been a quiet year for gifts; what gives piggies? I suggest you get over to Amazon and rectify the situation…   (Amazon Gift Certs are acceptable as well – send them to sadistic.princess.xx AT gmail dot com)  VISIT MY WISHLIST Also, My holiday generosity is about to run out as far as video clips sale … [Read more…]

RIP Damien… :(

RIP, My Damien… Damien was My cat, and most trusted, valued companion. Some of you have met him. He made Me happy every single day and provided so much comfort, caring, and love, for the last 6 years of My life. Yesterday afternoon, I came home to the traumatizing sight of My beautiful and loyal … [Read more…]