Goddess Lilith in LATEX!

Hello minions ^.^

I hope you’ve been groveling like good little pets. I was pleased by quite a few of you this year with your spoiling efforts for My Birthday last week. 🙂 (For those who were slacking, and you know who you are, you have a chance to redeem your lowly selves in December..)

Anyways, I know you’ve been dying to see a few new pics of Me in all of My splendor. And you latex lovers will be especially enthralled by these sexy pics!

All you have to do is download the magazine that I’m in. It’s a measly $4 (or you can get a printed version for more if you prefer)

For that 4 bucks you get TWO full-size photos of Me looking HOT in shiny pink and black latex. you also get another 48 pages of beautiful and interesting photos of goth/alternative culture.

Here is the link.

Buy, enjoy, print out the pics.. and WORSHIP!


Goddess Lilith


  1. slave-id

    Anyone who hasn’t bought this zine has NO IDEA what they are missing!!!! The two pics of GODDESS are nothing short of AWE INSPIRING!!! i wish i could get life size copies of them!!!!!

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