Greetings, subjects

I write this from the peaceful coast of Maine, while I am away for a few days, courtesy of My beloved Minion Alfred who is always seeking ways in which I may enjoy Myself when I’m not working.

It’s been a busy summer already, starting off with Fetish Factory’s Memorial Weekend party in Florida. I had a lovely time and got to show off some latex by Vengeance Designs. Come August I’ll be making several trips – starting with FETISH CON in Tampa. I am now booking photo and video sessions for this!

After that it’s off to Vegas for a week, and I’ll be seeking a slave to entertain Me while I am there.

Last but not least, one of My favorite events: Montreal Fetish Weekend!! I’ll be modeling in the fetish fashion show again as I have in the past. I will be available for private foot worship sessions there.

If you want to contact Me regarding any of the above travel dates, you may email Me at sadistic.princess.xx @ gmail (.com)

For My local pets, I suggest you come and see Me at My Dungeon at WICKED – July 3rd, at Dusk … 301 Harris Ave in Providence. WICKED is My permanent home!!

Until next time, dweebs…

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