Happy 2012 … the year of the GODDESS ^.^

hello, minions, slaves, worshippers, and the hopelessly devoted.  It’s been awhile since I’ve graced you with another update here.  All is well in MY world – I have been busy as usual, playing with My slaves, attending and performing at New England fetish events (Jaded New Years was amazing, thanks) and overall just enjoying My lovely life.

I have plans for upcoming travel to LAS VEGAS and PUERTO RICO, and I shall be attending some upcoming Footnight events in both Boston and Las Vegas.  Stay tuned for news on those…

I will be opening up My world for the possibility of new potential slaves in My Harem, so if you’ve been interested in applying… make sure you’ve got your TRIBUTE ready and you can email Me at sadistic.princess.xx AT gmail.com ….

I will be back to recording video content very soon (beginning of spring) and introducing My new females to you all… ^.^

In the meantime, I want you to make sure you are paying your RESPECTS,  worshipping Me on a daily basis, and go to the VOTE page right now and click on a bunch of links to help keep My website and greatness visible for all to see.

If you’re on FACEBOOK, I demand you go and LIKE My page (don’t worry, it’s worksafe and mainstream… not BDSM…)

CLICK HERE NOW and click the LIKE button!!

Until next time…

Goddess Lilith


  1. slave-id

    All Must Worship GODDESS LILITH!!! Devote your life to serving the Great Goddess and She will save you – or devour your very soul! Either way, you will love it. my life belongs to Goddess Lilith!

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