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I’ve got a couple of photos to add along with this post, (update – just added one from My PC…) unfortunately, one of the many issues with the iPad I was gifted (thanks minion Alfred) is that it cannot handle some websites, or aspects of some websites. This sadly includes the photo uploading area of WordPress. ┬áSo very annoying! Most of the time I’ve got a few minutes to write, it’s going to be when I have My iPad around, and I’m not actually at a computer.

I do usually end up putting these photos on Twitter, however, so be sure you’re checking there, better yet, make an account and follow Me. you can also interact with Me there I’d you’ve got the nuts. (But most of you don’t, haha.)

I had a lovely Valentines weekend escape up in NH. It was a very snowy weekend, and NH is a great place for that. I spent the weekend sipping on My favorite red wine (Apothic Red, take note piggies) in front of a roaring fire. I then came home to a bunch of black roses from Alfred, and retired to My bed which is covered in the satin sheets I got for Xmas from a drive-by cash slut. Gotta love the drive-by’s….hahaha.

My next big event is the annual Fetish Flea, coming up the weekend of March 8th. It is in Warwick RI this year. I’ll be donning some hot latex by Rubenesque Saturday night as part of a live modeling event. If you are interested in, or are already attending this event, and you’d like to take Me shopping in the vendor’s room for some new toys, email Me. ^.^

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