Here’s the deal boys 🙂
I want more latex, very badly.  you… like to see Me in latex. But perhaps you can’t afford to buy it for Me.  Goddess understands financial predicaments.
Now, however… there is a chance for you to help Me get what W/we both want.   GODDESS in beautiful LATEX!

I have entered this photo competition on Facebook in order to win a gift certificate from Vengeance Designs, one of My favorite places to get latex fashions.
In order to win a gift certificate, I need as many votes as possible on my photo.  How do you vote?  Simple – just go to this photo and click LIKE.   (you may need to Like the page, before you can Like the photo).

Very simple.  If you do not have a facebook account to vote with, go and make one, it takes less than 5 minutes to do so.

When I win, I will post NEW PHOTOS of Me wearing My new latex!!

I know you are as excited as Me about this — so go… RIGHT NOW.  And vote – click LIKE on My photo in the contest.  The contest is only open for ONE WEEK so do not hesitate!!  🙂
* if you happen to own a facebook PAGE – post the link on your page as well. PAGES can also vote/like!

GO GO GO!!!!!!!!

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