meow ^.^

hey dweebs!  don’t worry, just cuz I haven’t updated My blog in awhile doesn’t mean I’ve disappeared.  It simply means I’m too busy for the humdrum responsibilities of having a web presence sometimes. ;P

The select few in My personal loop get to speak with Me on a regular basis, but the rest of you poor suckers wait in anticipation, checking My site day after day, waiting for something -anything- new!

well, in case you haven’t noticed I DID update My photos page on Flickr (you’re welcome, several of you pestered Me about that quite a bit) and I also updated My videos store.

What I also have not updated lately is the servants’ quarters, and I do intend on posting a massive update to that before the end of the year.  Probably at least 10 of My latest videos will be added, including some that CANNOT be found on My clips store.

In other news, I have added a couple of total cuties to My Harem and I do imagine they will be appearing in video with Me sooner rather than later…. ^.^

so stay tuned, bitches!!

ps – If you HAVEN’T done this yet, you need to go “Like” Me on Facebook!! I demand MORE followers!   … and not to worry, those of you who are hesitant on doing so – there is no mention of My fetish lifestyle on this page at all, it is merely updates with regular photos and music.  DO IT!   —–>

Until next time…. ^.^

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