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Hey dweebs, yeah My site is back.  I had it down for a little while due to personal reasons, aka a few people getting nosy. Rather than deal with all that I just redirected it to My facebook page for awhile.  And those of you that are actually in My life knew where to find Me elsewhere.  😛

Anyway, I thought a great welcome back would be to share this lovely story that My minion, Alfred wrote – this was some time ago but reading it now still brings a smile to My face.

If you want to know what it’s really like to serve Me (and what’s expected of you if you attempt to), read this thoroughly. Alfred is a good example of how a slave should behave.


The night began for me with the drive into the Goddess’s Pink Palace.  This was an opportunity i was very excited to have.  i would be Mistress’s chauffer and slave for a fetish night at a club in western Mass.   i was surprised to get this chance. Earlier, Mistress had commented in my presence that She doesn’t go to Haven because it’s a Tuesday night and it’s difficult to arrange and find people to go with.  i volunteered that i would gladly act as Her transport and in any capacity She wished if She wanted to go.  She thought for a moment and took my offer. YES!  She also informed me then that i would wear a gag-harness and be Her slave at the club for the night – how could i be so lucky? i am not sure, because i don’t feel i deserve such a wonderful gift from a Goddess, but i would have to be a complete idiot to question Her Wisdom. Yes it was going to be a late night on a “school night” for me, but sleep is optional when one serves a Goddess.



 As is Her custom, She instructed me to get a few things on the way in to meet Her. i did my best to fill Her requests.  These were adequate but for me there is always room for improvement when serving my Mistress.  She accepted my gifts which included: Her dinner, flyers promoting Her band which She had me print, and a chain dog leash, which would be my lead for the night.  i also brought a small present for Her breakfast the next day. This is important:  Big or small, Mistress always appreciates gifts. Now, whenever i am out, no matter what else i am doing, i am also thinking about what Mistress might like that i can pick up to give to Her later.  i think this is one thing i do right.  My Mistress is always in my mind now and i like it that way.  i hope She does too. 



Goddess Lilith was absolutely stunning.  Though i can honestly say i have never seen Her as anything less.  She wore a long black dress that fit Her perfectly, with dark yet shining eyes and hair.  Sometimes i think She emits Her own kind of radiation or light because She is so amazing to behold.  Even in some of the pictures i have taken of Her, She seems to glow brighter than everything around Her.  She was the perfect dark witch and i was completely enthralled. It is difficult not to just stare at Her, but i try not to gaze too long as i know this will annoy my Mistress.



 We headed out on the 2-hour drive.  i am a selfish slave and there is something very special to me about this time with Her in my car. i feel special and i am grateful i decided to buy something nice to drive because She seems to like the ride. Legally, it is my car, but now it feels more like Hers, and the front passenger seat Is Her Seat.  Car rides aren’t exciting, but i am always content when Mistress is on board.  Driving to get Her, i am a stressed out maniac on the road for fear that traffic or other circumstances will make me late. NEVER be late for Mistress. But, once She is there, i am OK.  Sometimes on these rides, Mistress will tell me of Her plans and ideas for me.  She is amazing and Her thoughts are beyond my wildest hopes and dreams for being Her slave.  It is hard to stay level headed in Her presence.



Once at the club, Mistress donned Her new boots – another gift J.  They look so good on Her feet and i love that i can see Her beautiful, beautiful toes in these as well.  God i love those feet!  She then placed the bit in my mouth and tightened the harness around the back of my head.  Talking would be difficult for the rest of the night.  She hooked me to Her leash and we entered the club.  Walking in and standing in line, i know we were a bit of a spectacle and people looked. In other circumstances, i might be embarrassed to be seen this way (perhaps i should be) but i am Goddess Lilith Astaroth’s slave and i am happy and proud to be seen that way. Wearing Her gag is physical proof of my place in life – the property of Lilith Astaroth. i love the way that feels. i would like to think that i also add a little to Her image this way – She is THE  Lilith Astaroth, a true dominant Goddess who deserves to be attended by slaves always! That night, I was Her living/breathing accessory!



Inside, Mistress was kind enough to introduce me to Her friends even though i am just a slave.  She is too good to me.  Her friend Sarula was performing that night and even though it was Her show, there was Mistress front and center, screaming and howling and there i was right behind Her.  i quickly learned that when Mistress says sit, you sit and stay wherever She tells you for as long as She tells you – in the middle of the floor, in front of the bar, or off to the side.  It does not matter, 100% Obedience to the Goddess is what matters, and i am learning.  Whenever She would leave me, it would feel like an eternity and i imagined myself a trained obedient dog waiting for his owner. My goal is to be a good dog for Mistress.  Her pats on my head are the greatest reward I can receive – nothing else feels so good. NOTHING.  She also was never actually gone from me all that long and took such good care of Her slave all night.  She was gracious enough to allow me to buy Her and friends drinks and to help set up for the show.   Sarula had asked Lilith to participate in the show – it seems no matter where She goes, Lilith is in demand. i can’t blame anyone else for feeling this way – i know i can never get enough. Lilith was fantastic in Her cameo role in the D/s Doctor’s Office.  Acting is definitely one of Her gifts. 



After the show, Lilith decided it was time to dance some more.  i love to watch Her dance, and had been earlier, but this time, She decided to dance with me!!!!!  She pulled me by the leash onto the floor and proceeded to tug my head back and forth as She swayed in that way that only Lilith can move.  As She got more into it, She pulled hard, pushed me to my knees and at times dragged me side to side and even across the floor!  It was thrilling and i never wanted Her to stop.  She rolled me on my back and decided it was time to dance on Her slave!  Her boots dug into my chest and stomach and it felt so so good!  i only wish i made a better stage for Her because it was over way to soon.  i don’t know what other people thought – i don’t really care either – although i hope someone got some good pictures for my Mistress.  And maybe i will get to see what i looked like too.  i loved being used this way and I hope She will do it again sometime. Trampled by the Goddess!! Thank you Mistress.



Many good things happened that night. Her friend and band-mate Morte won the fetish costume contest. His latex outfit was definitely second to none.  Shadow was taking pictures and i know he took some great ones of Lilith which i hope to get to see soon. He even took a few of me at Her feet – my favorite place to be.  i spent a fair amount of time on my knees – waiting by my Mistress’s side or crawling after Her.  A slave does not stand unless told to.  Ceramic tile floors can be a bit hard on the knees, but i love being down there, in tow and in Her Command.   Plus, every little ache or sore spot after a night with Lilith is a beautiful reminder of my time with Her and my place in Her world.



At the end of the night, Mistress informed me that i would drive home with the gag on. It would help me stay awake on the drive She said – and it did.  i drove, while Goddess Lilith reclined, curled up and slept most of the way home. This too is very special to me. She trusts me – at least enough to sleep while with me.  i am honored by this and i love feeling like in my own little way i can do something to take care of Her.  As She was lying back and we were just starting out, She laughed to Herself – perhaps thinking of me – bit in mouth being seen on the road or possibly getting stopped.  It was a long ride home and i mostly did my best to keep the drive smooth and quiet.  i F’ed up only once – when i had to detour through the city because of road work and muttered something whiney which Mistress heard. If i woke Her that way, i am an ass. 



i helped Goddess bring Her things into the house around 3:30 in the morning. Removing the harness was somewhat a relief but also sad to have it end.  i thought my night was done, but Lilith had one more gift for me.  She allowed me to rub Her feet. iI would have definitely understood that it was late and She was tired, but She was so kind to give me this time.  i am always nervous when i start and i tried my best to calm my own hands and Her feet.  Each little toe on Her foot is an exquisite work of art and i adore each one. i would pour my whole being into the service of just one of Her little toes if i could and i tried to massage them with all the care in the world.  i do hope this helped Her relax and get to a good night’s (or morning’s) sleep.  i left feeling like Lou Gehrig – the luckiest man on the face of the earth.  i made some mistakes that night, but i am Lilith’s slave and i will do anything to please Her.  i think She knows this and is so far satisfied with my progress.  i hope She will use me again and i can’t wait for that chance. To be Her slave in good standing – i am complete – how could anyone want for anything else? 



i drove home – alone and with no harness on – not nearly as fun.  i arrived home at close to 5 am – just in time to get up and get ready for work!  Was i tired that day?  Sure, but i was also still high from the experience of serving my Goddess and i felt like i just floated through the day.  No problem and a small price to pay for one of the best nights of my life.  Besides, i can sleep when i’m dead.

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