My Birthday + upcoming awesomeness :)

Hello hello ^.^

Been awhile, but I don’t often time to have sit down and write – too busy with My real life adventures! But, I have some time now so I thought I’d update the intertubes on the happenings in My world.

For anyone who’s been following Me for awhile (and those who haven’t – now you’ll know!) My Birthday is fast approaching on October 31st. As per usual, I’ve been celebrating throughout the month of October since the 1st. October is My favorite month of the year, and probably would be even if My Birthday wasn’t in it – so why not?!

This year, though, I’m even more excited, because I’m doing something very special. 2 years ago I visited both Italy and Ireland, the countries of My personal origin. I loved Italy, but I felt a deep connection with Ireland – so deep that it was extremely hard, and even sad for Me to leave. This year I’ve decided to celebrate My Birthday by spending it there. 🙂 And so, I’m going to be in Ireland for 16 fucking days!! Starting on 10/28, when I depart the US. I am so SO fucking excited. I’ve rented an apartment there for the duration of My stay, and I’ve been chatting with some fetish friendly boys over in Ireland. I’ll definitely be having My feet worshipped and pampered during My stay there.

Do YOU want to contribute to My Birthday awesomeness while I’m in Ireland? The trip is very expensive, as one could imagine, and therefore things like going out to eat at restaurants and treating Myself to anything pretty will be paid for by YOU.
I am accepting gifts via GIFTROCKET:
Or, if you’d rather send an Amazon giftcard, I will be ordering a bunch of things on Amazon and having them shipped to the apartment to be waiting for Me when I get there. (Things I can’t take on the plane, like My preferred hair products, bath products to pamper Myself, a yoga mat, and boxes of healthy snacks that may not be available overseas)
If you’d prefer to contribute that way, you can send an Amazon Gift card to:

Of course any generous contributers will be rewarded. ^.^

I can’t wait for this much-needed rest and relaxation!!

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