1. rimmon

    That’s the kind of story that makes me Proud to be Owned by such a Brutal and Sadistic Mistress! Your creativity in devising punishments is amazing and keeps us lowly slaves on our toes for we never know what to expect.

    The anticipation of knowing that Your mind is busy at work constructing some devilish punishment is simply unbearable.

  2. uselessboy004

    Last night, I got to talk to Goddess Lilith for about 4 and a half hours
    online today. I felt so honored to be able to talk to Her online for
    such a period of time. She had me dress and take pics for Her amusement
    which I was more then happy to do. She is the pure 100% Goddess that I
    have been looking for. After we talked online I was lucky enough to
    place a call to Her on NiteFlirt. I haven’t done that before but I was
    sure glad I did. Goddess Lilith has the most seductive voice I have
    ever heard, Her voice alone just makes me want to obey Her. I would
    like to thank Her for making today the best day ever! She will always
    have my undying loyalty.

  3. rimmon

    Each day that passes draws me nearer to my Doom!

    Less then two weeks now and i will be completely at Your mercy. Looking forward to having my limits pushed in every way imaginable, and some that are completely unimaginable as well!

  4. uselessboy004

    I sumbit that no one on the face of the earth is greater then Goddess Lilith, no one has the perfect mix of innocence, beauty and control then her. I am glad I have the privilage to even be in a group that have Goddess Lilith’s name on it. I will do whatever she asks of me.

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