1. Thrilloz

    Hi Goddess…dayum girl your feet look so fine in them flip flops….dayum i would love to see your sexy pink toes in those same blue flip flops….id love to see you put oil all over your goddess feet while your wearing those sexy flip flops…jus make me tingle in my pants…lol no but seriously your feet are PERFECT…nice n white with pink toenails and gorgeous blue flip flops…now that in itself is a mans dream come true lol…would you be able to do some more flip flop videos because DAYUUMM GIRL, u are more then a GODDESS….you are the GODDESS OF ALL GODDESSES especially in flip flops…you can be my secret personal flip flop GODDESS…yummy….ok thanks for your Video…i look forward to buying more of your flip flop clips…..byeee!!

  2. Thrilloz

    PS…not videos…i meant clips …yea make some more clips on your sexy flip flops with them sexy pink toenails….ok im getting hard now…haha i’m out…see yah Goddess!!!

  3. hehe nice to hear from you, I am glad that you enjoyed the clip! summer is only half over so I’ll be wearing flips for awhile still. If you have any req’s let Me know and I will see what I can do for the next one. ^.^

    Goddess Lilith

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