NEW VIDEO + loser update

Since you boys went off and bought My last two videos like I told you to, I added another one that’s even hotter.  A BOOTY SHAKE video, rawrrr.  I’m wearing these cute little pink panties while I bump n’ grind right in yer face. hahah.  I know you wish you could worship My ass in person, but since most of you can’t, this is the next best thing.

go buy it ^.^

now onto the loser update, I dunno what’s up with fucking idiots lately but ben, “likestosmellfeet” aka “lilslavey” has been pestering Me again, first claiming he’ll pay for My manicure then asking Me in My yahoo group to pay for a cam session. Not only has he failed to show up for his cam session AND R/T visit in the past, but he also is 90% full of crap anytime he approaches Me, about the only thing he actually came through on was giving Me $$ for a coat he failed to get for Me for My Birthday LAST YEAR …. stop talking shit ben, all you do is disappear for months on end and then try to come crawling back – I don’t think so. you know where to send the cash, otherwise piss off and waste someone else’s time. Dommes beware of this one.

the new loser I mentioned in My last post that I had taken into consideration fucked up royally on O/our first online session meeting and I haven’t heard much from him since, except for some meaningless begging: “oh please, I am so ready to tribute, please give me another chance.” Again, I told you where to send it, so shut up and DO it or get lost. you are losing your last chance at the hope of being a part of My world, what a shame since I don’t consider new slaves very often. you’re blowing it.

one of My long-time R/T foot bitches is moving away at the end of the month… I am a little disappointed at this, since he was playing cheauffer for Me somewhat frequently in exchange for the pleasure of worshiping My beautiful feet. Looks like I will have to find a new one soon!

well I must be on with My day now, ta-ta!

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