Goddess Lilith is no longer accepting ANY new slaves for R/T sessions, training, or servitude of any kind.  I have fucking had it with no shows, last minute cancellations, bogus excuses, and sketchy losers as of late.    I’ve got news for you dumbasses – I don’t fucking need you!   I do this for FUN first, and profit/personal gain second – NOT the other way around.    As such, I have NO tolerance whatsoever for disrespect of Me and the little free time that I do have.  If I answer your emails, if I give you the time of day, you are LUCKY – too many people in the last 2 months have put a sour taste in My mouth through being flaky/disappearing, not following through, or serving another Domme whilst trying to begin a new relationship with Me.


The fact is, I already have several DEVOTED, RELIABLE, and USEFUL slaves in My personal stable that fulfill nearly all of My needs!  I have had too much of My time wasted by idiots and insincere BOTTOMFEEDERS – all fuckin’ set.

Unless you are currently serving under Me and in good standing – you will NOT be allowed in My presence for any reason, even if you just say you want to take Me shopping.  That’s it.  It’s over.   If you’re absolutely dying to have a chance:  Register for the next Boston FootNight and get your first session with Me there – that is the ONLY open avenue for any of you at this time.

I will continue to utilize yahoo messenger for online sessions however unless you’ve purchased My screen name and a gift off My wishlist, you won’t get any of My time there, either.

All you’ll be able to do now is read My posts and buy the video clips that I make, and realize that you are insignificant, lowly, and not worthy of being a part of My World in any way, shape, or form.



  1. slave-id

    i am incredibly fortunate to be Your slave Goddess! You are so generous with those who devote themselves to You. These fools have no idea of Your Awesome Power and how good it is to serve THE GODDESS!!! i am eternally grateful and eternally Yours.

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