Post-Xmas Greetings

(I made this post before NY … but My site was broken up until today when Rimmon fixed it!!  That damned Xmas WP theme destroyed a bunch of stuff on the admin side… so it had to all be reinstalled… grr.. all cuz I wanted to be festive… oh well.  thanx Rimm0n.)

well, hardly any of you wankers spoiled Me for Xmas this year – in fact, aside from a couple of small tributes on Niteflirt, I didn’t get ANYTHING from anyone other than slave david and one gift from rimmon … so, no “thank you” Xmas video this year.  fuck you.

I had a nice Xmas anyways, and spent lots of time with friends and family.  Even had a girls night out earlier this week!  david took Me shopping this week after spending a good 2 days straight in servitude, cooking for Me, cheuffering Me around, and spoiling Me.  On Tuesday I had a very lovely day, courtesy of him, that included an hour long deep tissue massage, followed by Bubble tea, thai lunch, and a manicure.  He then dropped Me off in Boston for My ladies night, right at the front door of the Holiday Inn, where he was back to pick Me up the very next morning.   On top of that, he’s bought Me numerous pieces of LATEX for Xmas, as well as tons of other little things … I now have 4 pairs of contacts, and 3 new cute pairs of shoes!  AND some flow toy glowsticks that I adore!! (plus the rechargeable batteries to go with them)  How’s that for a good slavey?  He also did My laundry, shoveled the front porch and sidewalk after it snowed over a foot,  completed online tasks for Me, and other various stuff.. .the list goes on.   I have to say that I was getting rather disappointed in the lack of quality servants, especially after the fiasco that happened back in February with the last one that I thought was going to be good, suddenly disappearing while I went on vacation for a few weeks…   and all of the stupid wankers wasting My time this year..
but this slave knows how good he has it to be allowed into My world on a daily basis, and his service has been exceptional.  all of you wannabe’s need to take note of what I’ve written and what it takes to be a decent submissive.  Keep in mind that the only thing My slaves “get” out of this is the pleasure of being allowed in My presence – the joy of doing things to make MY life easier, and being told what to do every day.   Sure, there are some perks … hanging out with Me means a lot of exposure to fetish events and unforgettable experiences that most can only dream of.  But even without that, a true slave knows their purpose in life is to give themselves entirely to their Mistress without EVER expecting anything from Her.

Hopefully this year will bring some new blood …  new minions to serve in the Queendom of Goddess Lilith.  But you’d better be sure that you can handle it, and that you’re able to offer yourself entirely, or you won’t have a fuckin chance.  One or two more intelligent, reliable pets would round off My desires rather nicely.  I am still in need of a web bitch, and more pay pets are ALWAYS nice.   Another strong body that I can put to work wouldn’t hurt either.

I hope you all enjoy your New Year’s.   I will be celebrating in decadence, dressed head to toe in the aforementioned latex gifts.  Maybe if you’re lucky I’ll even post a picture or two.  ^.^

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