With the return of a certain social media site, I’ve been getting TONS of emails from slave wannabes all over the world, begging for a chance to serve Me.  My response is always the same – fill out an application and send proper tribute if you want to be taken seriously.  A large portion of hopefuls then stop responding.  Some complain and say they refuse to pay anyone before meeting or speaking in depth with them.   But here’s a newsflash:  This is very standard procedure for many professional Dominas.  What you boys don’t seem to realize is that We have had HOURS and sometimes days, weeks of Our time wasted by insincere people who claim they are 100% interested in serving, this is what they want in life, etc etc, and then just up and disappear.   We’ve set up online or even realtime sessions and been stood up.   With an initial tribute, this protects us from the flakes, from the bitches who sent hours of emails with no real intention of meeting, and they simply want to get off on the conversation.  An initial tribute weeds out the bullshit.

I may be a Pro and Lifestyle Domina, but this is not My fulltime job.  I do this for fun and My personal enjoyment – this is My life.  If you want a place in it, you MUST prove yourself FIRST.  I owe absolutely nothing to you – I don’t need to humor you or give you a chance.  I don’t need your fucking money.  I will accept who *I WANT* into My stable at My own discretion.   you don’t like the rules, don’t play the game.  I can assure you, however, that any experienced Domina will have similar rules.

And that’s My rant for the day.

Have you found Me on Niteflirt yet?   I just put up some photo sets there!!  Goddess Lilith on Niteflirt.

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