Screening Process change

Goddamn do I fucking hate dealing with some (MOST) of you sniveling, drooling, STUPID fuckin subs. Every day My inbox is full of total and utter bullshit. Sifting through this said bullshit makes Me REAL uninterested in giving any of you potentially decent slaves a chance.

I am no longer setting up realtime appointments until a phone interview is completed. Fuck you people. I’m tired of having My time and energy wasted by insincere fools with NO follow-through. you want a chance? Make a fucking Niteflirt account and contact Me there (GoddessLilith).
If its worth it enough for you, this shouldn’t be an issue even if you don’t have an account – make one.

I will not have My time wasted through email interviews any longer. Either set up a phone call on NF or be prepared to send Me a $50 tribute for an online interview. Period.

On an aside note, if you want to get on My good side fast…My favorite fetish store, Hubba Hubba, is having a moving Sale!!! til the end of the month! Take Me shopping 🙂 Im still celebrating My Birthday during the time of Scorpio, and you should spoil Me. \m/

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