Update from the Goddess

What’s up lamers!!  I am back (for now).  I had a wonderful time in Puerto Rico, laying on the beautiful beaches and sipping on Pina Coladas while the rest of my friends shivered in misery through the snow and cold up in Boston, haha.  😉    It was very rejuvenating and exactly what I needed to pamper myself.

The above photo is from the #36th annual FETISH FLEA which is held in New England every year – this was for the Fashion Designer’s Show which was quite amazing.  I am wearing an outfit from VENGEANCE DESIGNS.  It’s pretty badass, don’t you think?  I’m going to be having a custom outfit made for Me soon in RED.  I can’t wait!  Of course one of My pets will be footing the bill for that. 😉

Speaking of pets.  haha.  Rimmon has been wearing lingerie from Victoria’s Secret lately underneath his office clothes when he goes to work.. he’s been particularly stressed out at the job lately and to help him cope with that I ordered him to purchase some new items. (It’s been almost a year since W/we got any nice girly stuff for him, the last time I went out to Chicago to visit) … including a push-up bra and a one-piece garter slip…. hahahah.  The padded bra is meant to be slightly visible so as to baffle and confuse his co-workers, perhaps even making them uncomfortable.  Indeed, the silky material has proved to be a nice, enjoyable distraction during those long tedious meetings every day.   hahahaha.   I find it rather amusing that I am preserving his sanity by forcing him to wear some skimpy, silky underwear from Victoria’s Secret.

sla7id has been hard at work lately, I’ve kept him busy nearly every day and he is holding up well with all of My demands.  He also forked over a bunch of ca$h for Me to spend on My vacation like a good puppy!  (Hint:  Goddess loves spending your money on Her vacation).  I have also allowed him to accompany Me along to several goth/fetish themed events around New England – including letting him take Me to the Flea to go shopping, where I purchased about $400 of AMAZING items that have been on My list for a long time, including an amazing black leather corset, a waist cincher, and a long, red/black latex skirt from POLYMORPHE!   Not to mention a nice little stinger to replace My beloved “cane” that I lost some time ago because it’s so thin.   I whipped him until he turned red, in the hallways with many curious, and some envious onlookers.

he also took Me to NYC yesterday for My belated Xmas present that I wanted sooo much… a vocal lesson with Melissa Cross, the guru of the scream!!  She was such a wonderful lady.  My pet was very smart to choose that as his gift, for he got to enjoy every moment of it as well!

My pets have the life.  😉

I would like to mention that I am currently seeking to fill one more space in My stable, as Igor has departed due to his life changing and not having enough time to serve Me anymore.   I enjoy having many little minions, but I only allow a few into My personal circle.  Potentials must be highly devoted, useful, and willing to obey and entertain My every whim.  A few brain cells and a little muscle doesn’t hurt, either!!

That’s it for now… I will have another update shortly.  ^.^    Ciao!

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