I’ve been far too busy kicking ass in real life and on tour to be stuck in front of a computer updating My blog for the few of you who read it.  (I really can’t tell WHO is reading it, either, since almost none of you reply — See that COMMENT link below?  Don’t be shy – Use it!)

Footnight was really awesome; I met a lot of great new guys and girls there.  Some of whom I have since seen in private sessions.  I do so love to have My cute little feet pampered.   One of the guys I sessioned with at FN confessed something to Me a few minutes into our session.  He told Me that he’d wanted to contact Me before, but he was too intimidated by how I looked online to do so.  He said he thought that I was “really mean or something”.  Lol!  I had to giggle.  Am I really so mean-sounding?  I may be strict, but I think most people agree when meeting Me that I’m not all that scary or mean.  you’re reading a Domme’s blog anyway – what are you expecting?!

Anyway just wanted to address that; I know that you boys are often too shy to make contact.  But I assure you; it’s not as scary as you think.  hehe.  So do it!

Next Footnight Boston is in June – I *think* I may be heading out to an LA FN at some point this year, and I am currently booking My travel for Tampa FETCON in August!!  If you’re going to be there, or you live in FL and would like to meet Me for a session, do get in touch.  (Email:  sadistic.princess.xx AT gmail.com)

Also another point of interest:  My web slave/personal nerd Shelby is helping Me revamp My site a bit.  Yay!! This should make it easier for Me to share photos and videos with you – and also get My members site back up and running!  There’s literally hundreds of photo sets and videos in there, so for those of you who aren’t brave enough or physically close enough to witness My perfection in person… you can get the next best thing.

So stay tuned for that, coming before the summer!


Goddess Lilith

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