what’s up losers

can you tell I’m bored with you? haha.
I suppose I should throw an update in here though, so you piggies know I’m still here. I’m just far too busy with My epic life to care about sniveling little puppies like you. Some of you have a few brain cells and follow My activity on Twitter, which I tend to update a little more frequently because it requires less effort. Sometimes I even share pictures, too!
I had a lovely Birthday, which included lots of gifts, and a mani/pedi from Steve. I’ve been hitting up New England fetish events as usual, making appearances here and there. Nothing on schedule fr the next month, though. I may be open to trying some new little subs out, as I did have to let one go recently, and there is room for 1 more in My stable. I must advise any applicants, though, I am extremely picky with whom I allow in My presence. If you’re interested in submitting as a slave, get a session with Me first, and I’ll see if you’ve got the potential. sadistic.princess.xx AT gmail.com

Later, losers 😉

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