winter sucks!!

I know it’s been awhile since I updated.  I’ve been sick with the flu.  I caught it from someone at the club I went to earlier this month.  GRRR!  I fucking hate winter!!

Send Me some Amazon Gift certs to make Me feel better!   Send them to acamstar@gmail.c0m

oh yes, and also >> CLICK THIS LINK << to vote for My site on this toplist, do it now!  Make sure you click the ‘enter this site’ link or it won’t count.

When I come back, I’ll have a real update  ;P

~Goddess Lilith~


  1. maxdivor

    Holy One, a small matter, but so you know, I believe for that toplist (MoneyslaveryOnline), one must not only enter the site, but click on one of the banners linking out — i.e., vote for one of their links. A difficult task for hapless male lemmings hypnotized by dreams of diving off Cliff Lilith. Cheers, Max (at

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