well boys.. I must say I’ve outdone Myself this time!!

I grew up listening to a band called Type O Negative.. they were very influential on Me. It was in April of last year that their frontman, Peter Steele, passed away suddenly from heart failure. I was very sad when this happened. At the time, I’d decided it was about time for Me to do a cover song.. I was going to do a Cradle of Filth song… but when this happened, there was no question that I’d do a Type O Negative song, instead.

So here.. My tribute to the Green Man. This is also where I unveil My (surprisingly ANGELIC) singing voice for the first time. If you aren’t already captivated by My amazingness… you will be now.

I want you to visit the link below to listen to the song and then click “Like” (some tard already downvoted it once.) And then… in the comments section…I want to see you BEG to be able to download this song. That’s right… it will put an immense smile on My pretty face to see you say something like, “Your voice is spellbinding!! Please, PLEASE make this available for download!”

And then… if a few of you do that… I will =) And I won’t even make you pay for it!! hehe! See… I can be nice sometimes! ^.^


Also..If you are on any social networks, I want you to share the link .. there’s nothing about BDSM obviously, so you don’t have to worry about that. I want as many VIEWS as possible – there’s someone else that’s got 10k+ views just cuz of an acoustic cover she did with a webcam! I worked HARD on this and recorded it in a professional studio… it deserves recognition. ^.^

SO, My minions! GO and do My bidding… 🙂 I look forward to seeing what you have to say after you hear it… I want to see you BEG in the comments, to be able to download this song… =)

may My voice haunt your dreams!!


Goddess Lilith


  1. slave-id

    This song is AMAZING! YOUR VOICE haunts my dreams and my waking hours too! Must Obey Goddess Lilith! There is no escape from Your Power Goddess!
    All Must Listen and Be Enslaved!

    • good boy slave-id! *pets* you are the only one who dilligently comments on My writings! it’s a shame others don’t know how to show the proper respect, isn’t it? wankers!

  2. Liliths Minion

    Just for you through FetMe and I commented on youtube before making an account to comment here. I really enjoyed the song and would love to hear more of your wonderful singing voice.

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