yay Vacation :)

Getting out of New England for awhile was the best thing I could have done in February!! This winter has been just such a depressing pain in the ass.  Between the constant “state of emergency” declarations, driving bans, event cancellations, and client cancellations, it was a miserable and costly month.  So, I did what any intelligent person would do: I ran away and flew south for the winter!!

I spent Valentines Day week with nate bitch down in Austin TX.  It was exactly what I needed.  We adventured outdoors and he treated Me like a Queen all week, waking Me up with foot massages, breakfast in bed, and spoiling Me on Valentines Day itself.  That was the first time I’ve ever gone out to visit a slave before and I had a wonderful time.  So yes – if you’re wondering – it CAN happen.  you can fly your Goddess out to visit, if I like you enough… and especially if you’re somewhere I want to visit! 🙂

After that it was off to Tampa to visit My dear friends JasoNinja and Sarah Diavola!!  Princess Jasmine was visiting that weekend as well, so we all went out to fancy dinners and spent beautiful days on the beach at St. Pete.  Roxie Rae came out and partied with us at Drew/ScissorVixens’ place one of those nights as well, and we took some dirty feet pics to post on Twitter to tease you dirty foot boys with.

I did some shooting with FemDomCraze, mostly humiliation and sock fetish clips, that was a lot of fun.  Then the following weekend it was off to Miami to meet up with My twin Lydia Vengeance to storm the catwalk for Erik Von Gutenberg’s fetish night SUBMISSION SOUTH BEACH.   Photos from all of these adventures can be found on My Instagram here: https://instagram.com/dommegoddesslilith   … My wordpress seems to be bugged at the moment and therefore I’m unable to upload the photos directly into this blog entry, which I know would be better… but I’m lacking a webmaster slave to figure out what the problem is — anyone want to volunteer? 😉

While I was in Miami I also had a nice smelly gym sneakers session with Brian who has been following Me for quite awhile.  He left with a big smile of his face and lots of photos to remember our time together with. 🙂

yesterday I worked on My tan at beautiful St. Pete beach (one of the prettiest Tampa area beaches by FAR, with white, soft sand) and drank pitchers of Sangria with Sarah and her sister.

All in all, it’s been an amazing few weeks, and it’s with sadness and disappointment that I must return home, where the snow conditions have not improved whatsoever.  There is only one reason I have to go back, and it’s the worst one:  financial reasons.  I’ve run out of funds with which to enjoy Myself and replenish My sanity.

What a crime.  Back to the icy tundra I go.  I need another escape ASAP.  Winter is far from over in New England.

Send Giftrockets to Me at sadistic.princess.xx@gmail.com to get Me back on a plane and back on the beach ASAP.     Now!!!


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